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    This is a guide to our two main packages that we provide.

    Package 1 (Testing as per your Requirements)

    This entails an all inclusive option with no hidden extras, you pay a fixed price for the complete job. For each item we will carry out inspection, testing and any repairs all for a set price. All included in the testing:

    • Pass/fail labels on all appliances tested
    • Free replacement of damaged plugs (BS1363) and fuses
    • Free minor repairs to plug wiring
    • Repair to faulty cable grips in the mains plug
    • Free re-testing after repairs
    • Full PAT test certificate in electronic and hard copy formats
    • Inventory records of all items in electronic and hard copy formats
    • Repair record of all items in electronic and hard copy formats


    The Complete Package (5 Year Plan)

    The ‘Complete Package’ is an arrangement or contract with us to ensure you are always inspected appropriately, protected and covered to ensure your appliances are regularly checked.

    This doesn’t however mean high annual bills!

    A good PAT testing programme could be implemented over any time period dependant on your industry, appliances in use, use of the appliances, the environment they are used in, your own health and safety policy etc.

    The ‘Complete Package’ take all these areas into consideration and we will work with you to find the best programme at the right frequency for your needs.

    An Example:

    A Company employs 1500 people at it’s Head Office.  It operates a Call Centre, where 1400 of the staff work from computers. The other 100 staff work in a variety of different roles.

    Altogether there are 6000 electrical appliances on site including 800 computers, (800 computers are 3200 individual items) 130 printers (260 items). There are approx 300 items in the server room, 10 kitchens each with 10 items including a microwave, 6 people that regularly leave the building with laptops etc.  A total of 5870 items are office based, 100 kitchen appliances and 30 items for the external staff.

    1. The servers will be checked fully once every 4 years, with a visual inspection every other year. That’s 300 items.
    2. The main office computers, printers and other IT related items will be checked fully every 4 years, with a visual inspection every year. That’s 5250 items
    3. The items within the public access rooms, (meeting and interview rooms) to be checked annually. That’s 120 items
    4. The kitchen equipment will be checked annually. That’s 100 items
    5. The equipment for the sales staff and maintenance staff will be checked annually. That’s 111 items.
    6. All the other electrical appliances on site will be checked every 2 years. That’s 119 items.

    That’s 6 areas to the ‘Complete Package’ all documented and recorded.

    How does the testing take place?

    1. Year 1: Initially  all 6000 electrical appliances are PAT Tested.
    2. Year 2: The public use items, kitchen equipment, sales staff and maintenance teams equipment will be PAT Tested (331 items), and the office equipment visually inspected (5250 items)
    3. Year 3: The above areas will be PAT Tested, plus a visual inspection on the server (300) and the office equipment (5250)
    4. Year 4: All work form year 2 repeated.
    5. Year 5: The end of the plan, all items are PAT tested again.

    Let’s look at the finances of this: 

    PAT Tester A quoted to PAT Test everything annually as 60p per item. PAT Tester B (us) quoted the above 5 stage plan at 70p per item

    PAT Tester A charges £3,600 annually, that’s £18,000 over the 5 year term.

    We charge;

    £4,200 for Year 1,

    £2,331.17 for Year 2,

    £2,451.70 for Year 3,

    £2,331.17 for Year 4,

    £4,200 for Year 5.

    Over the 5 year term that’s £15,514.04 in total.

    Saving you £2,487.96 or £497.92 per year!

    Which is the best deal? 


    Please contact us to discuss which package would be most cost effective for you and your company.

    We are a flexible company available to work 24hrs, 7 days a week to cater for your needs and reduce any disruption to your business. This service is provided at no extra cost.

    Any questions or quires please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Special rates are available for large scale inspection and testing please contact us for further details.

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